About the GuppyMan

Welcome to the GuppyMan website. This site has been developed to provide the serious fancy guppy enthusiast with information and resources to help you become a better fish keeper, while building your knowledge of keeping and caring for this beautiful species of fish, Poecilia reticulata. The common guppy is also know as the millionfish for it's breeding prowess and also as the rainbow fish, for it's unlimited and varying degree of coloration and patterns. This species has provided me with a sense of joy for most of my life and I am happy to create a place where you can share that same fascination and sense of wonder. Here you will learn all you need to know about fancy guppy care, breeding guppies and should you choose, tips about offering your guppies for sale.

I have been breeding and raising fancy guppies for over 60 years. My life-long journey with this fish began when I was 8 years old. My Uncle Bill was a Boy Scout Troop Master and was always encouraging the deep love for all animals that he knew I possessed. One night when he came to dinner, he presented me with a common female guppy in a mayonnaise jar with a small sprig of Cobomba for her to hide in. Her abdomen was distended and she looked like she was ready to explode. He told me that she would soon have her babies, they would be born live and that if I were lucky, I might just catch her in the act. Upon hearing that I might actually be able to witness her giving birth to live baby guppies was more than I could imagine and I refused let the jar out of my site. And so, the wait began. Happily, the wait was not that long and within a couple of days I was rewarded for my diligence by witnessing, what I considered at the time to be a miraculous feat of nature as one by one she dropped her fry as tiny little balls that unfurled into minute, fully formed fish that after a few seconds darted deep into the plants.

I was horrified to see that as fast as she would give birth to them, she would attempt to eat them. Unfortunately, it seems that a female guppy's favorite food is a guppy baby. "This simply won't do," I thought. I poured out half of the water into another container, waited for her to finish her birthing process and then quickly transferred her to the new container, leaving the guppy fry to begin their lives in quiet seclusion and without having to worry about them being devoured.

It is hard to recall a time after that, when I was not up to my elbows in guppies. By the time I was 13 years old I was raising them and offering guppies for sale to local fish shops all over Philadelphia. Back in those days it seemed as if every neighborhood had a mom and pop fish store and regardless of what they were stocking, there was always a huge demand for fancy guppies. At that time they were retailing for $5 per pair and I was getting $1.25 per pair.

I continued my love affair with fancy guppies though my 17th birthday. At that time I volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam, but I first put in a year of service in Germany, which at the time was the home of the most renowned fancy guppy breeders on the planet. I had the luxury of traveling all over Germany where I was able to see the most incredible guppy types. I saw tank after tank of male guppies, as well as some female guppies that had fancy tails that rivaled some of the males. It was during these trips that I learned all about guppy careguppy types, lots of secrets about guppy food and feeding regimens, raising guppy fry, the best methods for  guppy breeding in order to produce the largest guppy tails and how to prolong the guppy's lifespan. All of this knowledge helped me to establish my own guppy strains and to beginning my career as a life-long fancy guppy breeder.

Fancy guppies have brought years of enjoyment to my life and selling fancy guppies has provided me with a nice supplemental income over that time. Whether you choose to become a serious guppy breeder, or just wish to keep a guppy tank for enjoyment, only - everything you need to raise guppies is on this site.

It is my hope that you will develop the same love for fancy guppies and the desire to keep your guppy tanks in optimal condition to raise happy, healthy and beautiful fancy guppies. If you don't find what you need, here, be sure to drop by our fancy guppy community, as well as our fancy guppy forum, links to which can be found on our home page.

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